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NIR as a Service

Request NIR as a Service and get a spectrometer, full access to our quality management system and our knowledge to create models

Only €400 per month, cancel anytime.

Why does Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) benefit you?

The near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum holds many secrets. In unraveling these secrets, we learn more about the product, its quality and authenticity. NIRS is therefore often used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


At xpectrum, we focus on examining food quality with spectroscopy in specific. We have developed several models to check whether the products that are processed at your premises, sold over the counter or purchased by you are indeed as claimed on its labels.


Unfortunately, food fraud is still common today. Some examples include:

  •  Adulteration with adulterants

  •  Mislabeling of product authenticity

  •  Mislabeling of product quality

Discover how NIR brings value to your quality control

Are you curious about the quality of food products you deal with? Do you want to verify the authenticity of incoming raw materials?

You can now test the Xpectrum spectrometer for food quality and authenticity analysis on your products in R&D mode.

Request you NIR as a Service using the form so we can contact you.

Thanks for submitting! You will hear from us soon.

Request NIR as a Service

You will receive the Xpectrum Pure & Sure spectrometer to analyze all your food products You gather the data and our platform based on AI, data science and machine learning will create the models - classification, consistent quality, quantification - for you! 


You’ll also get full access to the Xpectrum Quality Management platform.


✔️ 1 Xpectrum Pure & Sure spectrometer

✔️ Build up to 5 models with our Data Science module

✔️ Get full access to the Xpectrum Quality Management Platform

✔️ Only €400 per month, cancel anytime

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About Xpectrum

Xpectrum enables companies to make the move towards digital Quality Management Software by offering easy-to-use
and high quality software.

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