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How to guarantee qualitative and authentic herbs and spices.

Discover how to improve the efficiency of quality and authenticity  control in herbs and spices.

Why solid digital quality control is vital today

The term quality control is one we are increasingly adopting. Yet current tools reveal dificulties and challenges.


Identify food fraud

We can now offer the tools to guarantee products with consistent quality and without adulteration of any kind, so you can guarantee your end consumers the same product over and over again!

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Learn more about...

The benefits

Why should you adopt a handheld quality assurance solution in your company? Discover the benefits of this innovative handheld scanner.

The possibilities

Learn how our solution can be used to create valuable models for your specific products. Find out how easy it is to create and implement models for your products, whether it’s verifying raw materials or follow-up of your own production process!

Your all-in-one guide for food quality measurement

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About Xpectrum

Xpectrum offers retailers and producers the tools to counter today’s food quality hurdles, by guaranteeing immediate results, providing reliable data in an efficient, hands-on manner.

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