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The Xpectrum application: practical and intuitive 

The Xpectrum FQA - Food Quality and Authenticity - platform runs on desktop, tablet and mobile.

In this platform, you can add your articles - integration is possible - and define different parameters to test in various test schemes. If there is a NIR model available for your product, a NIR scan can be selected as a test parameter via this tool.

If further analysis is needed, lab data can - automatically - be added to specific tested samples. 

Via the dashboard, you can generate a view depending who's watching.  While management wants to see the number of tests that has been performed over a certain period, the buying department wants to see how a supplier is performing before renegotiating a deal.  Operators can consult their planning and consult tests that are waiting action. Everyone can create a view that's relevant for their day to day use. 

The FQA platform is the heart of Xpectrum's offering. You can either use it only for the products you test with NIR, for both your NIR and other products or even only your products that don't require NIR testing. 

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