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Xpectrum for Retailers

As a retailer, you want to sell your customers qualitative products, but there is always the possibility to receive non-intended low qualitative food from your supplier. Or even worse, active food fraud.

Due to the short selling chain and the pressure to maximise profit, often only the legal minimum is done regarding food control. This means that only a limited samples of product are being send to laboratoria for quality checks.  Mostly, because it's too expensive to do regular, daily checks. Also because it takes 2 days to get your result from the lab and by then your product has already reached your end customer. 

To answer these issues retailers had, Xpectrum reached out and worked together with the sector the come to a solution. 

Our combined conclusion was that incoming goods should be examined

  • On a more frequent basis than legally required

  • With an immediate result, so one can intervene on the spot an prevent recalls and bad publicity

  • At a lower cost compared to lab analysis

  • Non disruptive

Xpectrum's solution is 90% cheaper than sending your samples to the lab and we ensure an immediate result. Our current retail customers have successfully implemented our solution and verify incoming products on a daily basis. Not only do they increase their customer's trust, they also monitor the supplier's performance and check if the standards of the tender are being met every day!


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