All our models are tailor made for our customers!

However, today we offer two kinds of solutions

  • Off the shelf models

  • Custom made models

Our current off the shelf models use NIR spectroscopy, but we offer other solutions as well (such as RAMAN). Together with the customer, we define the best hardware for their specific cases. 

Our off the shelf models have already been created by Xpectrum using enough datapoints to make the models robust. These models can thus be immediately implemented at the customer. However, we retrain these off the shelf models always with a limited number of samples of your specific product / raw material, in order to make the model fully adopted to your data.  This only takes 1 or 2 days, depending on the model and the data.

Custom made models are client specific, created upon request of the customer. The processing time depends on the specific case.  We would typically start with a proof of concept. When the proof of concept is positive, we set up an experimental design specific for your situation. We gather the data and create your model. The next step is the implementation of the end to end solution in your process. When all this is done, in the final step we will help you define a sampling scheme that will assure to get most out of the solution!

Other potential use cases are:

  • Fruits and vegetables: Brix, acid,...

  • Minced meat: species quantification

  • Meat processing: minced meat, process control

  • Coffee: Water, roast degree, density, roast loss

  • Olive oil: quality, region,...

  • Edible oil: identification

  • Cheese: fat quantification

  • ...

We are happy to discuss each individual case!