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Pure and Sure - innovation project subsidy

Project in Short

Xpectrum is a product developed with support from the Pure and Sure subsidy project by the province of Vlaams Brabant. The members of Pure & Sure - companies and researchers - are joining forces to develop a highly innovative and revolutionary solution to guarantee high-quality and fair food products that meet all regulations. Pure & Sure wants to make a solution available to various actors in the food industry who today have to use expensive, time and labor intensive procedures to guarantee the quality of their food products. The consortium strives to make these procedures faster, more accurate, more efficient and more qualitative with the Pure & Sure instrument and estimates that the social added value that this generates will be considerable.

Uniaue and innovative character

The consortium wishes to launch a highly innovative solution that: (i) produces immediate results, (ii) is non-destructive, so that substantially more samples can be checked, (iii) can be easily operated by persons without a scientific background and (iv) ) is cheap.

Initial situation

Analytical technologies are becoming more available and more accurate, but they are expensive, require specific technical skills and, moreover, the result is only not immediately available. A great deal of effort is therefore being made to develop techniques that should enable different food chain actors in the supply chain to conclude immediately and cheaply that their products meet current quality and safety requirements.


  • Development of the Pure & Sure solution that can perform fast, qualitative tests on food

  • Testing the solution in relevant operational situations

  • Market launch of the solution

Implementation and feasibility

Pure & Sure is a multidisciplinary project par excellence that combines expertise in food production, retail, big data, IT and sensor development. The project consists of 3 steps spread over time: prototype development, testing and market launch.

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